July 07, 2001 ... Beginning to gather again

WAR: Ravenettes: Beginning to gather again.
by Kaiya [Huntressia/RavenetteX].

Day: Saturday July 7th;
Next afternoon after the Raven party.

Kaiya wandered around the back ways of the Raven, in search of her fellow Raven/ettes. She'd woken up about an hour ago, and now she was bored. Short attention span had always been a problem for her. She'd dropped in on Lorna to see how her fellow Raven/ette was feeling this morning and to check if she needed anything. She hadn't. So Kaiya had started wandering again. She'd debated calling someone, but the time zone changes made it awkward. Instead she'd set up her laptop on one of Janette's generously provided phone lines and downloaded her email.

"Forwards ... junk mail ... forwards ... oooh, mail from Daxia, mail from Rhianna. Forwards, junk mail, junk mail ... *more* junk! How do these people /find/me!"

... had been the basis of her email checking. She hated AOL. And she swore someone was signing her email address up to junk lists. If she ever found that to be true ... oh, the trouble she would cause. Giving up on her mail she'd headed for the bar. Someone was bound to be up by now, she couldn't be the only one. She spotted Miklos there, a glass of the house special in his hand. The Raven was quiet since it was only afternoon.

"Kaika," he smiled at her. "Want a drink? One of those nice cocktails I make for you? The ones you seemed to enjoy /so/ much last night." Kaiya winced. She'd drank quite a few of those last night. Not enough to render her drunk, but she'd been mellow, definitely. The party had been a hit. Raven parties usually were, she suspected, though as a War Newbie, she had nothing to compare it to but rumors.

"Hmm, go on then Miklos," she smiled back at him, hopping up onto a stool. Her usual attire of black merged nicely with the Raven's decor. She tapped the large heels of her black boots against the chair leg idly, watching Miklos expertly create. He made this lovely cocktail -- she had no idea what was in it, all she knew was it was potent, fruity, came in a slender fluted glass and looked pretty. "You enjoyed the party last night?" she asked, accepting the nameless drink with another slight smile.

"Of course," Miklos smiled back, picking up his own glass and joining her. "Raven parties, Kaiya -- as I'm sure you'll realise -- are /always/ enjoyable."

"Always, hmm?" Kaiya teased back.

"Always," another voice joined in. Kaiya and Miklos turned to see Molly heading their way, Bill at her heels. She took a seat at the bar, waving off Miklos's offer of a drink for now. Kaiya slipped off her bar stool to pet the lizard gently. Really, he was so cute.

"Looks like we're all waking up, finally," she commented to Molly. "Which is good, because I'm just about ready for some more ... fun," she smiled with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: Beginning to gather again.
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 17:00:32 -0700
From: "RavenetteX" sapphicstone [at] YAHOO.COM
Reply-To: RavenetteX sapphicstone [at] YAHOO.COM


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