July 07, 2001 ... Driving and Flying

WAR: Ravenettes: Driving and Flying
by Claudia

Time: July 7th, set after 'Idle Hands'

The rest of the gang had taken off with the Mercedes and the Jag. Shrugging, LeeAnn and Time looked at each other. "Guess that leaves us the Porsche."

"Come on, ladies, lets see what this beauty can do," Jason said, getting ready to slip behind the wheel.

"Hey, I want to drive one of Janette's cars, too!" Time protested.

"Well, how about you drive her on our way back here," Jason suggested.

"Deal." Time gave him a smile. As long as she got to drive the Porsche some time during the evening she'd be a happy camper. "Come on, Claudia, let's get this show on the road."

"So, Jason, how did you like your first Raven party?" Time asked from the back seat as they drove around downtown Toronto.

Shrugging, Jason grinned a little. "It wasn't exactly what I expected but then, I didn't really know what to expect. In a scale of one to ten I'd say it was a solid fifteen."

"Yeah, I still remember my first party." Claudia smiled. "I thought it was going to be something really decadent, I had some weird s&m images floating at the back of my mind. Either that, or then it was going to be truly formal and I totally expected to end up embarrassing myself by not knowing which fork to use."

Time and LeeAnn glanced at each other and tried to suppress their snickers.

"Yeah, I know." Claudia grinned at them good-naturedly. "Go ahead and laugh. But I was a total war newbie, how was I supposed to know any better?"

"It's okay, Claudia." Time patted her arm. "We've all been newbies once."

"Yeah, it was a great party, but did anyone else think there was something odd going on with Nick and Natalie?" LeeAnn asked, frowning slightly.

Glancing at her, Jason arched his brows in a passable LaCroix imitation. "Isn't there *always* something odd going on with those two?"

"Well, yes." LeeAnn gave him a quick smile before her frown returned. "But I mean more than usual. There was just something really weird about the way they kept acting, it's like they weren't themselves, or something."

"Well, who else would they be?" Claudia piped in from the back seat. "Isn't there a saying that 'if it sounds like a Nick, and if it acts like a Nick, then it's probably --"

"That's just it." LeeAnn turned to look at her friend. "They didn't *sound* like themselves. I'm telling you, there's something freaky going on."

"Well, at least there's nothing 'freaky' going on with Janette," Time commented, satisfied. "If Nick and Nat want to act bizarre, let them. As long as they leave Janette out of it, who cares. Right?"

"Well, I suppose you're right," LeeAnn finally said after a while. "But I think we should keep our eyes and ears open, just in case."

"Okay, ladies, what's on the agenda for the evening?" Jason asked, pulling up and waited for suggestions.


"Let's go see a movie."

"Sky diving."

"Sky diving?" Jason, LeeAnn and Claudia repeated in tandem.

"Sky diving." Time nodded, looking at them a little shyly.

"Feeling a little suicidal, Time?" Claudia was the first to voice the burning question.

"It's not dangerous." Time flashed a wide smile. "Hundreds of people do it every day."

"A-ha, and how many of them live to tell the tale?" LeeAnn asked, not convinced.

"Come on guys, this is something I've always wanted to try, just to see if I could."

Jason, LeeAnn and Claudia shared a long look. Then, after a what had seemed like a small eternity to Time, they more or less caved in.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do," LeeAnn said. "First, we go shopping. It's getting late and the shops will be closing in no time. Then, we'll find some poor sap whose willing to drop us off the sky, and then, if we're all still alive, we'll go rest our nerves and knees in a theater."

The shopping spree was short but heavy on their respective credit cards. After they had packed everything in to the Porsche's trunk they set out to find someone reputable to take them to the sky.

It was easier said than done but finally the four Raven/ettes found themselves suited up and on a plane.

"I think I changed my mind," Claudia whimpered as she watched the ground getting further and further away.

"Come on, it'll be fun," Time said, trying to breath calmly. "A walk in a park..."

LeeAnn tried to squash the butterflies flapping around in her stomach and looked enviously at Jason. "How can you be so calm? Have you jumped before?"

"Nope. I just reckon there's no reason to be nervous, yet. Plenty of time to do that once I'm out of the plane." Jason grinned, looking almost relaxed.

"Okay, people." Their ramblings were interrupted by the pilot. "Since none of you has any experience jumping we're going to do what is called tandem jumps. That means that each of you will have an instructor to jump with you. They will take care of you, so you can all relax and enjoy the scenery on your way down. Have fun."

Time was the first to go. Her instructor had to use only minimal force to pry her fingers off the doorway before taking the final step into thin air.

Sharing a panicky look, LeeAnn and Claudia gulped.

"Why won't you go next, Jason," LeeAnn suggested, taking a few steps back.

"See you on the ground!" Jason grinned at them just as he and his instructor leapt off.

Claudia and LeeAnn played rock, paper and scissors to decided which of them would get to be the last one to jump. Claudia lost.

"If I won't see you again, it's been great having to know you, LeeAnn." Claudia tried to smile but it came out more like a grimace. "Geronimo!"

LeeAnn looked at the three 'chutes soaring through the air beneath her. "You can do this," she whispered to herself as her instructor made final adjustments to their gear. "Just don't look down."

"Wow! Woohoo! What a RUSH!!" The jump had left Jason with an adrenaline overload.

Time was busy kissing the solid ground beneath her knees and palms. "The next time I have a smart idea, just shoot me. Please."

"It wasn't so bad." Claudia's knees wobbled a little and she dropped down to rest a bit. "I just kept my eyes shut for most of the way."

"It was *amazing*!" LeeAnn was bouncing with excitement. "Let's do it again!"

"No way!" Time and Claudia shook their heads. "Once was more than enough, thank you *very* much."

"Oooh, you're no fun." LeeAnn grinned, her eyes glowing. "Hey, Jason, you wanna go again?"

"Just name the time and the place, LeeAnn, and I'm game."

"Any time you want to, just not tonight." Time got up on her somewhat unsteady feet. "We're going to the movies to rest a bit. And I get to drive. You two are way too hyper to get behind the wheel."

After the movie the four friends went club hopping and had a wicked time at it. It was almost dawn before they got back to the Raven. Barely able to keep their eyes open they slipped in quietly and headed towards the bar.

Jason did the honors and pouring them each a drink, lifted his glass. "To us."

"To the Flying Raven/ettes," LeeAnn said.

Grinning, Claudia gave a small nod. "Geronimo."

"To safe landings." Time giggled.

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