July 10, 2001 ... That's it! I'm out of here!

That's it! I'm out of here!
by Kaiya.

Date: July 10th.
Set: Just after "Things Are Just Too Perky At The Raven"
All Ravenettes used with permission.

"This has to GO! NOW!" Smashes were heard as an irate Ravenette tried to drag various offending bits of pink furniture out of the Raven. Molly picked up a hideously decorated bar stool, looking ready to throw it out of the door, with no cares to where it went as long as she didn't have to see it again. Alex and Jason wrestled the bar stool from her grip as the rest of the Ravenette's milled around them. They'd gathered in one corner of the Raven to discuss what rated as a 20 on a disaster scale of 1-10.

"Molly!" Kaiya tried to calm her irate friend down. She wasn't having much success. Across the room Miklos was mixing drinks for Tracette, his usually calm face showing just withheld anger. Alma's laughter had abruptly ended when Tracette dropped a pink lei around her neck. It had taken some quick thinking from the Ravenette's to prevent Tracette from coming to a nasty end, Janette's body or not.

"No! Kaiya! Look around you!" Molly wasn't happy. "IT'S PINK FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS!" Kaiya winced, partly at Molly's shriek, partly at the reminder. She knew it was pink, she /hated/ pink. Apparently not quite as much as Molly but she wasn't far behind. Kaiya had just about had enough when Tracette jumped on to the dance floor, dragging two fledglings to hold a broom handle, and started trying to limbo. Kaiya stared in horror, her mind refusing to accept this ghastly scenario. Her Dark Lady, dressed in colors, limboing on the dance floor of Kaiya's haven.

"Ahhhhh!" it was her turn to scream in frustration. "That's it! I'm out of here!" she flung up her hands in despair and spun to walk off. Even Bill was terrified! Molly's pet had entered the Raven from upstairs once, and once had been enough. Shrieking loudly enough to put everyone else to shame, Bill had fled the Raven's main rooms and they hadn't seen him since. Smart animal. He was probably upstairs, thanking the Goddess that Tracette hadn't managed to redecorate them.


Kaiya planned on putting an industrial strength lock on her door, with her inside, and hiding until Tracette returned to herself again. *We had such a run of good luck up until now, too* she thought to herself with a sigh.

"Kaiya!" Kimmer broke in, trying to play the voice of reason. "You can't /leave/! We need you!"

"But Kimmer ..." Kaiya's voice took on a slight whine. "It's pink! And our Dark Lady is doing the LIMBO on the dance floor! Wearing COLORS and ... and ..." the newbie Ravenette stopped, her eyes wide with horror. It was too much for her to handle. "I want the old Raven back!" she pouted.

"I want the old Raven back too," Molly backed up her friend. A chorus of "Yes!" greeted their statements. Everyone turned and stared demandingly at Kimmer who looked momentarily helpless. Sometimes she hated being leader. She floundered for a moment and then nodded.

"Okay ... here's what we'll do," Kimmer informed the others. "Let's get Tracette somewhere out of the way, we'll have Miklos lock her in her apartment or something. /Then/ we all pull together and we restore this place to it's /proper/ form. Because we can't open the Raven like this, we'd never be able to show our faces in public again!" Pausing she glared at Kaiya and added, "And no one's leaving!"

Kaiya sulked. The others nodded. This was a disaster, but at least they had a plan ...

(Sort of!)

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