July 12, 2001 ... Mmmm - Smells Like Chocolate (Nick & Natpackers)

WAR: NNP - Mmmm - Smells Like Chocolate
By: Alyce Crimaldi , Susan B. & NNPack
(with info provided by the Raven/ettes - merci!)

Time: 1:00 A.M. July 12
Place: NNP Theatre & The Raven

"Do you think this will be enough?" Carla asked as she poured the last of the extra gooey, but delightfully aromatic, mixture into Cecilia's shiny metal mixing bowl.

"That should be plenty!" Cecilia replied, "gotta go." Carrying her bowl, she raced from the kitchen and met up with Amber and Alyce at the front doors. Amber was wearing the same black leather jacket she'd barely taken off since Alyce picked her up in Indianapolis. "We're going to have to move fast tonight!" Cecilia told her, "aren't you going to be too hot in that thing?

"I'll be fine," she replied, tapping the end of a yard long messenger tube that she had slung over her shoulder. "I have everything I need right here!"

The three girls climbed into Amber's van and headed for the Raven, a very short drive from the theatre. They got out of the car and approached the front door, Cecilia casually hiding behind the other two. Alyce knocked and waited. She was about to signal Amber to pick the lock, when someone inside finally opened the door. Amber recognized the elegantly dressed tall blonde woman as Kimmer from the Raven party almost a week ago. 'Had it really that long?' she mused.

Both Alyce and Amber summoned up their brightest smiles. "Uh, hello," Alyce said. "Could we please come in and use your phone? You see, uh, my car broke down, and uh..."

Before she finished her sentence, a tall man with short brown hair and brown eyes appeared at the door and stood next to Kimmer. "I'm Jason," he said. "What's going on?"

"These girls need to use the phone," Kimmer informed him.

All three of the would-be intruders were hoping that Janette's affinity for looking after strays would pay off for them, but when yet another man with piercing blue-gray eyes showed up at the door, they realized they were evenly numbered.

The new man with the beard and moustache greeted them. "I'm Alex," he said. "You're welcome to use the phone at the bar." He opened the door wide for them.

The words, "Thank you," had barely left Alyce's mouth when Cecilia crashed through from behind her, darted into the Raven and started dipping into her bowl and flinging huge clumps of chocolate chip cookie dough onto the Ravenettes' clothes.

"Molly! Get back!" Jason yelled when a curvaceous woman with gold hair approached. But he was too late to save her from getting slopped with the sticky concoction.

"No! No!" Molly screamed.

"Stop! Stop!" Kimmer shouted. "You're getting it all over my clothes!"

"Please!" Jason begged.

"My beard!" Alex yelled.

But the attackers were relentless, and within seconds, all four heretofore impeccably groomed Ravenettes were covered in gooey gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough.

"What if someone sees me like this!" Molly screamed.

"Or me!" Kimmer added.

"I've got to get out of these messy clothes!" Jason screamed.

"Me too!" Alex exclaimed.

The messy Ravenettes frantically raced away to change, giving the N&Ners an ideal opportunity to complete their mission. The club now was totally silent.

"We'll go ahead and get it done, you watch for their return," Alyce said to Cecilia. She pulled out her trusty wire cutters (you never know when those will come in handy).

"They're Ravenettes," Cecilia commented flatly. "It'll probably take them an hour just to reapply their make-up, not to mention putting together exactly the right ensemble for... uh... 1:30 in the morning or thereabouts."

Alyce and Amber left Cecilia muttering to herself and quickly ran over to the bar. Alyce hopped over the counter and landed directly in front of the tapestry. It was too dim to make out the image now; but at the party, her eyes had been drawn to the toga clad figure depicted. Alyce snipped the wires that were holding up the tapestry and quickly rolled it up for transport. "OK, Amber, it's your turn", she whispered.

Amber slid off the messenger tube that had been slung across her shoulder, and pulled out the replacement tapestry. While Alyce watched her, Amber also fished out her tube of super-fast, super-hold super-glue. She applied the glue to the back of the tapestry and then, as quickly as possible, the two girls pressed the tapestry to the wall. "Just don't get any on you or we'll never get you loose," warned Amber. "Getting this stuff stuck to you is worse than getting gum in your hair!" Suddenly, out of the relative silence, came the sound of approaching voices.

"Move it!" shouted Cecilia. "Someone's coming!"

"Let's bail!" hissed Amber. She and Alyce gathered their things and stood up to leave. "Oh no," Alyce whispered. "Oh no what... or don't I want to know?"

"My shoe is stuck to the floor. I must have stepped on the glue tube!"

"Well I sure hope they're not your favorite shoes," replied Amber. She grabbed Alyce by the hand and dragged her out the front door, leaving behind one white tennis shoe glued to the floor.

All three hastily sped away from the Raven, having left glued to the wall, for all the world to see, a colourful painting entitled, "Teletubbie in Repose with Pink Tribbles".

Subject: WAR: NNP - Mmmm - Smells Like Chocolate
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 00:29:26 -0400
From: "Susan Bennett" freestyle [at] IDIRECT.COM
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