July 16, 2001 ... A Little Nunkies Does a World of Good

A Little Nunkies Does a World of Good
By Molly/StormBorn

Time: Monday afternoon
Place: Molly's bedroom at the Raven

Molly sat in the comfy chair thoughtfully provided by Janette, cuddling her lizard and alternately closing her eyes and opening them to stare into space. Shut off, brain, she ordered. Brain did not obey. She would have said it aloud, but was afraid Bill was picking up too much human speech, and 'brain' was a word she didn't want to say in front of him too often.

War was taking its toll on the GothPunk Ravenette. This was a woman who could intimidate Enforcers (OK, not the best specimens of Enforcers, but Enforcers never the less), who could write smut to raise pulses in several countries, who could even deal successfully with the phone company--and she was exhausted. The great thing about playing with a smaller faction was that one got to participate fully; the bad thing was that she had to do reading duties--and her reading assignments included keeping up with the NA. She groaned. Bill snuffled in sympathy.

"Anyone would feel the strain, my dear," came a cool voice behind her.

"Nunkies," she said softly.

JaCroix closed the door and came round to sit on the ottoman. "Inside this body, yes." He could be so kind, so gentle, at times and when he was it showed in his face. Now, it showed in Janette's face. "You look good in her. You don't mind wearing her clothes, her maquillage?"

"Not at all. I wouldn't want to diminish her image, now would I? However, let's talk about you."

"My favorite subject," Molly tried to joke.

JaCroix smiled. "You know, you haven't had a fantasy about me--LaCroix, that is--in some time."

"I haven't needed to. But I do now."

"So I see. Headache?"

"Bad one."


"It's the NA!" Molly exclaimed. "They'd confuse anyone! They confuse themselves! The--the Chicken Woman, and Supaige assimilating things, and the missing Bons and Qa'ra the mummy, and the mysterious boat repairman, and--"

"Shhh. Here, let me." Cool hands moved to her forehead, gently moving in slow circles, then ran through her hair and down to massage her neck and shoulders.

"Oh...mmmm..." The minutes passed while Molly relaxed into the familiar massage and the soothing, meaningless words. It was bliss, sheer bliss. Until she remembered something.

"Ack!" she exclaimed, "They're coming tonight!"

The hands paused. "Who, my dear?"

"The Vaqueras," Molly sobbed. "Kimmer said they could use the Raven for a party. A--" she could barely get the word out-- "*karaoke* party!"

JaCroix shuddered. Like the Ravenette, she failed to understand the popularity of the karaoke fad.

But the situation, if they had only known, was going to get far worse...


Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: A Little Nunkies Does a World of Good
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 21:31:10 -0000
From: "StormBorn" smolly4 [at] QWEST.NET
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