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Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Therapy and Shopping"
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 09:33:52 -0600
From: "kimmer" <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>
Reply-To: kimmer <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>


by Kimmer

all participants used with permission

takes place Tuesday morning, July 17, 2001 after Kimmer gets cleaned up from the bar fight.

Janette's limo pulled up outside the discreet office building. Wearing a dark head scarf, large black sunglasses, and cool, crisp linen, Kimmer hurried into the building.

"Dr. Schlockenberg will see you now," the receptionist told her.

Kimmer shook hands with the therapist, and sat down. She told him of the horrors of the bar fight, and being dressed in white polyester by the Elvi.

"You work at a bar, correct?" the doctor inquired politely.

"Well, yes, when I am in Toronto" Kimmer replied.

"Acts of violence, however unfortunate, do tend to occur in places that serve alcohol". Dr. Schlockenberg said, gazing intently at his patient.

"Doctor, you need to understand. I can throw a punch, and I can take one. That is not the problem. I was, was, accosted by a bunch of jumpsuit-wearing Elvi that dressed me in, in--" Kimmer halted, the tears brimming in her eyes. When she continued, her voice was but a whisper "....Polyester. And, and, it was *white* polyester".

Dr. Schlockenberg and Kimmer spent the next 45 minutes going back in time, digging around the roots of Kimmer's aversion to cheap, manmade fabrics and the color white.

It was painful, but they did achieve a breakthrough. Kimmer was able to overcome her fear of the Ravenette kryptonite, well, at least while she was sitting in the black Italian leather chair.

Boistered by her successful therapy session, Kimmer headed back out into the hot summer day, climbed into the dark, cool limo, and headed to Bloor Street. She would take her therapist's advice. She would grab the bull by the horns. She would overcome. She was going shopping!


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