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Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Party Hearty At The Happy Souvlaki" Chapter 3
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:34:39 -0600
From: "kimmer" <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>
Reply-To: kimmer <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>


by Kimmer

takes place at the Happy Souvlaki Deli, at the FoDs party

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

all participants used with permission

Kimmer wasn't sure of the exact moment in time, she was watching, but she couldn't say for sure. All she really knew was, after Janette and Lacroix had finished dancing together, they were themselves again.

"Wow..." was all she could breathe. Becoming each other, becoming one in the dance, becoming themselves. It was extraordinary.

Janette and Lacroix, now themselves, were deep in conversation. Molly tapped Kimmer's arm, to get her attention.

"It worked, huh?" Molly said. "The Vitamin U?".

Kimmer nodded, still amazed at what she had witnessed. "Looks like it to me, Molly. C'mon, let's go try some of Mindi's cake. I need a drink, too".

Claudia, LeeAnn, Time and Lorna motioned for Kimmer and Molly to join them at their table. The Ravenettes talked excitedly about the change, and the apparent success of Vitamin U.

The FoDs party was a success! The turnout was huge, the premise was solved. There was much food and drink, good music, much merry-making.

The Ravenettes spent some time on the dance floor. Finding their hosts, they wished Mr. and Mrs. Schanke the happiest of anniversaries, thanked Cindy and the rest of the FoDs and headed back to the Raven.

It was almost time to go home.

finis chapter 3
end arc

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