July 18, 2001

Momentary Lull
by Kimmer

takes place at the Raven
Wednesday, July 18, 2001

It was quiet in the bar. After all the silliness of the last two weeks, Kimmer relished it. She had been on the phone, making travel arrangements. She needed to get Lorna home, safe and sound, and then herself.

Molly and Mindi came out of the kitchen, and headed to the bar. They pulled up stools on either side of Kimmer. She poured them drinks and they discussed the silliness that had brought them here.

Kimmer was going to miss the Ravenettes terribly. She always did, when a War came to an end. Sure, it was a crazy time, but it was a fun time, too, and she was very fond of all of the Ravenettes.

It was getting later in the day, and they all started to pile in. Time, LeeAnn, Teresa, Chanda and Kaiya all came in together, wheeling Lorna. Kimmer could hear soft screeching sounds emitting from the sack still tied to Lorna's wheelchair.

"Well, Mom, I guess you and Bill will have to visit Lorna now and then. Bill is going to miss his buddy," Kimmer said to Molly.

Molly nodded and said, "That's okay, not a problem! We will want to check in on Lorna and keep in touch. If that is all right with her," Molly finished, looking hopefully at Lorna.

Lorna smiled, fighting the tears that threatened. "You and my little buddy are welcomed, any time! Please, do come visit me, I would enjoy that very much".

Claudia, Alex and Jason came into the bar, having returned from yet another delightful shopping trip. These Ravenettes had the longest voyages ahead of them, and they needed to get last-minute souvenirs before they went home.

Kimmer refused to give into the melancholy. Tonight, they were going to play! They were going to enjoy having Janette, Miklos, Alma, the Raven and all its' visitors in their lives. They were going to celebrate having Janette back, completely back, they were going to celebrate themselves.

One last night in Toronto. The last two weeks sure had flown by.


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