June 27, 2001 ... Premise of the War

WAR: Premise

What follows is the premise for war XI. Two additional posts will follow, outlining the war rules.

LaCroix once told Nicholas, "We are each other. You will always be mine - eternally!" He may or may not have been speaking figuratively, but let's take him literally. What if Forever Knight characters suddenly did start becoming each other?

PREMISE: When FK characters start displaying personality changes, factions begin to worry. The worry becomes greater when factions realize that characters, both mortal and vampire, are actually taking on personality traits of other characters. But it's more, much more than that. They are truly on the road to becoming each other, and begin having total identity switches.

What is causing these changes? Can they be prevented? Are they permanent? How can the characters be brought back to themselves? These are the challenges facing factions as they converge on Toronto.

Gwyneth Meirionfa
War XI Warmistress

Subject: WAR: Premise
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 14:14:13 EDT
From: "Gwyneth Meirionfa" FKWarmistress [at] AOL.COM
Reply-To: Forever Knight TV show FORKNI-L [at] lists.psu.edu


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