June 27, 2001 ... Rules for Character Usage and Switches

WAR: Rules for Character Usage and Switches

Following are the War XI rules for using characters and arranging character switches:

Switches will involve Nick, LaCroix, Natalie, Schanke, Janette, Vachon, Screed, and Tracy. Characters switch in pairs, only with each other. For example, Natalie becomes Screed and Screed becomes Natalie.

Secondary characters may be used in stories by announcing to FORKNI-L that a character is being used in a post. Secondary characters/inanimate objects may only be switched with characters under special circumstances and by permission of the Warmistress. Players may not switch with characters.

One pair of character switches (Screed and LaCroix) will be set in motion in the opening post by the WM and the involved factions.

Factions who schedule characters only control the body of the character during the war. For example, the Knighties schedule Nick's physical body and whatever personality is within Nick at the time. Factions may not withhold agreement to switches unless there is a time conflict, and then should re-schedule as soon as possible.

Switches may take place gradually, where two characters start displaying each other's characteristics, but retain at least some self-awareness, or instantaneously, where two characters totally switch identities, and immediately become each other. In all cases, gradual switches will eventually lead to total identity switches.

A character's memory transfers with a character's 'personality', while a character's physical characteristics and needs remain with the body. For example, all LC's vampiric powers and vampiric needs remain with his body, regardless of who is inhabiting it.

Events leading to switches and actual switches have no defined time limit. However, when planning switches, please take into consideration requests from other factions.

Control of a character's 'personality' transfers with each switch. For example, Nick and LC have switched personalities. The Knighties thus control Nick's body and LC's personality, while the Cousins control LC's body and Nick's personality. A writer needs to borrow Nick's body or LC's personality. (and by default borrows LC's personality). She would contact the Knightie leaders to get permission. Later, the writer needs to use Nick's personality or LC's body. She would contact the Cousinly Leaders for permission.

Time passes, and Nick and LC revert to normal. At the end of a switch, characters return to themselves until the next switch they are involved in. The Knighties would then still control Nick's body, but now they control his personality again. The Cousins still control LC's body, but now they have control over his personality, too. Characters who come back to themselves may remain in their own bodies for a maximum of 24 hours, although there is no minimum.

Factions writing switches should work together on the resulting storyline, and cooperate in writing each other's characters.

For informational and scheduling purposes, please inform the WM of all switches. The WM will keep track of switches. Anyone unsure of who to contact about using a particular personality or body should ask the WM for information.

The WM reserves the right to terminate switches for plotline or other reasons.

The WM may occasionally make posts affecting and directing character switches. In all cases, she will notify the involved factions prior to doing so.

General war rules will follow in another post.

Happy warring!

Gwyneth Meirionfa
War XI Warmistress

Subject: WAR: Rules for Character Usage and Switches
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:00:24 EDT
From: "Gwyneth Meirionfa" FKWarmistress [at] AOL.COM
Reply-To: Forever Knight TV show FORKNI-L [at] lists.psu.edu


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