June 27, 2001 ... Rules for War XI

WAR: Rules for War XI

These are the ground rules for war 11. This is not the war premise. The premise and rules for character usage have been posted separately. These rules will be posted again on FORKNI-L and FKFIC-L before the war starts on July 5. They are also available on the War XI website, from your faction leader, and from the Warmistress (WM) at FKWarmistress [at] aol.com.

GENERAL: The war will be played in a friendly, courteous matter. The WM has final authority in all decisions on plot, characters, postings, etc. WM decisions may not be appealed to the Listowner and/or Listgardener. The Listowner, Listgardener and/or WM reserve the right to terminate the war after a warning if there seems to be a problem with keeping the friendly atmosphere.

FKFIC RULES: All the regular Fkfic-l rules apply to the war. NO talking on list. Coordination is done offlist. Discussion on the war should be posted to FORKNI-L with a WAR heading. The Fkfic-l rules are posted each Monday.

PERMISSION SLIPS: All participants must have a permission slip on record with their faction leader. The deadline for permission slips has passed.

POSTING FORMAT: All war story posts must be posted to FKFIC-L. Posts must have the following header:

WAR: Faction: Story Title (Example WAR: Urchins: Urs Gets Out)

The colon is VERY IMPORTANT. If your mailer changes colons to something else, send the story to another list member to post for you.

STORY HEADERS: Please put a date and approximate time at the top of the story. If the post follows on, is concurrent with, or is set before another post, please also mention. This is incredibly helpful in archiving the war.

POSTING LIMITS: Posts are limited to three per 24 hours by each individual player. Factions may drop as many posts as they like, provided the three per person limit is adhered to. Posts should be 300 lines maximum. If it's longer, split it in two. Administrative and WM posts are not counted in this rule.

ATTACKS: In order to return to the spontaneity of the first few wars, sneak attacks on factions or individuals will be allowed. By filing a permission slip, you've agreed to be attacked. No further permission is needed. (This applies to attacks only; players must get permission to use individuals for other purposes in a story)

Rules for attacks not agreed on in advance:

Individuals must be notified in general terms about the time of an attack, to ensure no conflicts in the time line. A short note with at least 24 hours notice to the person stating what time you will be using him/her in an attack is all that is necessary. If a time line conflict arises, the attacked party may require the attacker to change the time, but has no say over content.

Attacks not agreed in advance must be wrapped up in one post. Retaliation must then be accepted without further development unless the attacked faction or person agrees to continue.

Attacks may not be ignored. During the course of the war, each faction may dismiss one attack only as a dream.

Any faction or individual who has been attacked more than four times in the war has a right to refuse further attacks for a period agreed upon between that faction's leaders and the WM. No one faction/individual may be subjected to more than one severe attack in any 48 hour period, unless that faction/individual is willing. When a faction/individual has been over-attacked, the WM will post to FORKNI-L putting a moratorium on attacks on that faction/individual until further notice.

OPENING POSTS: Opening/call to arms/getting to Toronto posts are limited to one per faction, up to three parts. Individual getting to Toronto stories should be incorporated into faction posts, and should not be posted individually by faction members.

POST DATED STORIES: Because the war is played in real time, dropping post dated stories is strongly discouraged. Post dated attacks that do not have permission are not permitted. If an attack has been agreed on beforehand but is then post dated, the attacked party has the right to ask the WM to disallow the attack.

REPLYING TO REQUESTS: Please try to reply to e-mail requests to write you in a story or asking for information in as timely a manner as possible.

BORROWING CHARACTERS: If you want to use an FK character, permission must be obtained from the leader(s) of the character's primary faction, who are responsible for keeping the character's schedule. For this war, primary factions are as follows: Nick - Knighties; LC - Cousins; Schanke - FoDs; Natalie - NatPack; Janette - Ravenettes; Screed - RatPack; Vachon - Vaqueros; Tracy - Dark Perks. Leaders must grant permission unless the time is already given to someone else. Leaders do not have the right to vet or control content of posts with borrowed characters. Please see the related rules on character usage for war XI premise.

SPYING: Joining other faction's lists for spying purposes is not permitted and is grounds for dismissal from war XI.

NO PERMANENT CHANGES: No killing, maiming or bringing across of players is permitted.

CROSSOVER CHARACTERS: No crossover characters from other shows are permitted.

Happy warring!

Gwyneth Meirionfa
War XI Warmistress

Subject: WAR: Rules for War XI
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:33:35 EDT
From: "Gwyneth Meirionfa" FKWarmistress [at] AOL.COM
Reply-To: FKWarmistress [at] AOL.COM


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