July 06, 2001 ... Party at the Raven

Party at the Raven
by StormBorn

July 6th, 2001 Afternoon to 6PM

Party at the Raven by Molly/StormBorn and Mindi/Raven, with help from Kimmer

Molly was making marks on her clipboard when Mindi joined her and did a double-take at the line of equipment coming through the door. "Is that all going to fit in here?" she asked.

"Oh, sure. The serving stations will be lined up on that wall between the bar and the dance floor, and I had the guys cluster the tables on either side of the stairs. They've gone to pick up the decorations now. How are the horsies doing?"

"Great!" Mindi said enthusiastically. "That stable's downright luxurious! The best part of all, though, is Janette picking up the tab. She sure is generous. Hopefully we'll do all right at the show.... How's Bill?"

"Snuggled up in his little sleepy-sack, like a good lizard. I tracked down a good source of cow brains for him, so he's happy. Coffee and tea station's here--good. Hors d'oeuvres, check. Dessert station...now, where's the blasted juice-and-smoothie bar?"

"Anything I can do to help?"

"You can either inspect the stations to make sure everything we need is here in the way of equipment and supplies or call the caterers to double-check our orders. Which do you want?"

"Hand me the clipboard. I'm not going near a phone if I don't have to."

"Thanks a lot, buddy," Molly grumbled as she handed over her checklist.

"Hey, you used to be a secretary."

"And you still ARE," Molly shot back

"Customer Service Molly... BIG difference!" she replied giving her friend an evil grin

"Why do you think I quit?" Molly groaned

"Tut tut!" Mindi clucked at her miserable looking friend "Here, give me the phone, I'll check stuff out AND call the caterer... woe be to the one who would try and mess up THE War party of the Millennium!" Grinning like an idiot (since she was new at all this!) Mindi set off, talking a mile a minute in French with the caterer while scrutinizing the tables and stations set around The Raven....

"Aw, geez!" Molly slapped her forehead. "I completely forgot to set up the entrance." Pulling a tube of Manic Panic's 'Protect Your Pallor' sunscreen from her tote bag, she slapped a hasty coat over her face, throat and cleavage, and ran off to enlist some help. There was a bit of a struggle getting the roll of red carpet up the stairs and out the doors, but from there it unrolled beautifully. The velvet ropes were lined up next, and at the end of the carpet she firmly planted the sign that read, "Private Party. Dress Code Enforced."

A few hours later and the Ravenettes stood in a line while Janette surveyed their work approvingly. Jason and Alex, though initially resenting their assignment to decorating, had risen to the challenge, somehow obtaining dozens of realistic-looking black ravens which they'd perched around the club. They'd covered each table with snowy linen and a centerpiece of the darkest red roses they could find, tied with black velvet ribbons. Little packets of confetti moons and stars were scattered on the tables for the party attendees to play with. At one table was a fine china and silver place setting, with a place card reserving it for Kyer.

Proudly displayed above the bar hung a tapestry showing a certain Roman general in repose.

Janette did a careful walk through, raising an eyebrow and smiling at the array of goodies that awaited the guests. There was a gleaming commercial espresso and cappuccino machine with the appropriate tiny cups and the syrups on a table behind the tuxedo-ed waiter. Stainless steel thermal carafes held a variety of flavored and varietal coffees. Adjoining the coffee station was a tea station with a similar assortment, and then the hors d'oeuvres tables began. Lobster-stuffed mushrooms! Huge shrimp, carefully elevated over beds of ice! Three kinds of caviar and the toast points to go with them! Taquitos! Cocktail breads with a variety of meats and vegetables! Falafel and paellas and artichoke hearts and herring in sour cream and chilled asparagus spears and marinated mushrooms and... Janette smiled again as she picked up the elegant card that said, "Souvlaki available in the back room."

"Thank you," she said meaningfully.

Molly shrugged. "No garlic around vampires, and no lamb around *me*."

"Or me either!" Mindi agreed, wrinkling her nose at the thought.

Next came the cheese table, a RatPacker heaven of Swiss and Gouda, mild and sharp Cheddars, Limburger and Camembert and Havarti (with dill and without) and Jarlsberg. Accompanying the cheese selection were cheese crackers and cheese puffs and cheese curds, some goodies wrapped in brightly colored foils guaranteed to make any Ratpacker pleased!

Mindi grinned; she could almost hear the Ratpacker's saying "Oi! Looks nice, all pretty-shiny and ye kin eat 'em too!"

The dessert table, though, was the creme de la creme: everything that could be made out of chocolate was there, including in a place of honor, Ger's Chocolate Pizza, along with a splendid tiramisu. ("Got more tiramisu in the fridge?" whispered Kimmer, and the party-planners nodded.) For the less chocolate-addicted, there was baklava, sherry trifle and key lime pie.

"Wait!" Mindi cried, "Molly! Where's that cake server I had?"

"In the fridge I think..." Mindi rushed off to get it and returned with an absolutely stunning looking confection in white...

"What is that?!" was the chorus as greedy Ravenette eyes feasted upon it.

"White chocolate Decadence Cake" Mindi replied "I made it fresh this morning... White cake, whipped cream frosting in layers topped with fresh white chocolate curls..." Then she brought out yet another cake, this one four layers and of a deep color red... "Ta da! Red Velvet Cake!" Mindi said with a triumphant grin "Made that one last night!"

Molly moaned. "She cooks, she rides, she scuba-dives. Girl, you make me tired just looking at you."

The last station was the juice and smoothie bar. All the juices were certified organic, and there were even the more esoteric choices such as wheat grass and celery tonic.

"Excellent," purred the femme fatale of Toronto. "I am very pleased with you all."

The Ravenettes heaved a collective sigh and grinned a collective grin, and their mistress proclaimed, "Let the party begin!"


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