July 06, 2001 ... We Need a DJ

We Need a DJ
by Teresa

Friday, July 6th, 2001
shortly before the Raven Party --

Molly looked at the assembled Ravenettes, taking a last survey around the room. To her horror, she realized something was missing.

"Music!" she shrieked. "We forgot to get a band!".

Janette swiveled her bar stool around to face Molly and frowned. "Don't act like a fishwife. It's bad for your complexion. We have a sound system, one of you can act as DJ. We even had a Karaoke machine, didn't we, during the last war? Maybe it's down in the basement. Send the men to look for it".

Molly pointed at Alex and Jason, "You two, basement, NOW!". She looked at the remaining Ravenettes and selected two more victims. "Chanda, Teresa, help them look".

"Um, Molly, aren't there fledglings down there?", Teresa asked anxiously, sidling away from the evicted party planner. "You know, as in babies who bite?".

Kimmer opened a bottle of champagne, pouring herself the first glass. She looked at Molly's face and grinned. A floor show!

Molly turned a deeper shade of puce and drew in a deep, hissing breath, only to be interrupted by Janette.

"Of course there are fledglings down there. But unless you put your hands someplace they don't belong, they know all of you are off limits for biting". Janette paused briefly and shrugged an elegant shoulder. "Well, involuntary biting, that is".

Molly leapt into the discussion. Pointing a finger at Teresa, she said "Girl, you think too much! You need a job. You're the DJ. Go help the lads and Chanda, you'll need to make sure you have everything you need for tonight".

"DJ, Me? Ummmm, okay, but it's gonna be strictly by request only, unless you wanna hear a lot of Meatloaf". Teresa took a few steps backward, then turned and bolted for the basement.

She found the others cautiously spreading out through the wine racks. They kept their voices low, being careful not to trip over anything. It was no use. A long shipping crate suddenly opened from the inside to reveal Alma, who demanded, "What on earth do you think you're doing?".

Alex gave her his best smile and answered, "Janette sent us down to look for the Karaoke machine for the party tonight".

"Oh, right....party....PARTY! We have to get ready! Hurry up and get out of here so we can get ready!". Alma came out of her crate so fast no one saw her move. She stood beside it, one eyebrow raised as if wondering why they weren't already gone. "It's in that corner, hurry up!".

Alex and Jason grabbed the machine. Not pausing to blow off dust, they made for the stairs. Teresa and Chanda grabbed assorted cables and a box labeled "Karaoke" before booking up the stairs right behind the guys. The four of them were joined by Time, LeeAnn and Kaiya in the stage area to begin sorting through and setting up.

Chanda looked at Teresa and whispered, "I don't care if we're off limits for biting, I'm not messing with the fledglings".

Teresa looked up from the "All Request, All Night" sign she was painting to grin, "That was Alma. I'll bet she got roped into baby-sitting the fledglings. There are worse jobs than DJ".


Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "We Need a DJ"
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 20:06:52 -0600
From: kimmer kimmertom [at] qwest.net
To: forever knight fan fiction list FKFIC-L [at] lists.psu.edu


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