July 06, 2001 ... Party at the Raven, Chapter 1

Party at the Raven, Chapter 1
by kimmer

Friday, July 6, 2001

Kimmer slipped her purple heels on and headed to Lorna's room. She smiled when she saw her friend, despite her broken hip, had dressed up exquisitely, thanks to the help of her nurse.

A black, beaded scarf was wrapped around Lorna's walker to give it a festive flair. Even the nurse was decked out. "Everyone in Toronto knows there's a dress code when Janette throws a party!", Kimmer thought to herself, amused.

Lorna and Kimmer talked for a while, and then Kimmer headed down-stairs. Lorna needed extra time to get there, and Kimmer was anxious to get things rolling. Lorna's wonderful, competent nurse had everything under control for her friend, and Kimmer knew they would be at the party shortly.

Alex and Jason were quite handsome in their tuxes. Both of them smiled broadly when Kimmer mentioned the obvious. There had been that busy last-minute hustle to get the DJ booth and Karaoke machine together, and then all the Ravenettes had retired to dress. Now, they were all gathering in the club again.

Mindi handed Kimmer a glass of champagne, which she accepted gratefully. Molly came up to whisper, "What do you think about this Karaoke machine thingy?".

Kimmer giggled, knowing how Molly felt about Karaoke. "Molly, I tell ya what. We will allow our guests to use the Karaoke machine, if they choose, while we are having dinner. When dinner is over, it is strictly DJ and dancing music. After all, we didn't get all dressed up like this to listen to off-key people sing! We want to show off a bit!", she finished, winking.

Molly relaxed and appeared visibly happy for the first time in hours. She had done such a terrific job on the party planning, which Kimmer was quite grateful for. She was glad to see Molly finally able to relax and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Kimmer walked over to the DJ booth, where Teresa was lining up the requests from the Ravenettes she had already received. She put her hand on Teresa's shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze. Teresa looked up, startled, she had been so involved in her selecting. "Hey, Teresa, relax! You look gorgeous! I know you will do a great job tonight, break a leg!". Teresa smiled back at Kimmer, and quickly got back to work.

Walking up to the front of the bar, Kimmer had a quick word with LeeAnn and Time. They were doing some last-minute flowers, yes, there were plenty of flowers, everywhere, but Ravenettes knew you could never have enough flowers--or earrings, or eyeliner, or shoes, or --

Claudia and Kaiya joined the group, heading for the bar to get their first drinks of the evening. Chanda opened another bottle of wine, and the tinkling of crystal became steady as the Ravenettes toasted one another, and their Dark Lady. Janette, Miklos and Alma joined them as they were raising their glasses, and, getting glasses of the House Special, joined the Ravenettes in celebrating their first party in almost two years at the Raven.

Janette, taking Kimmer and Molly each by the arm, led them to the door. "You all have done well today. Now, go greet your guests, and have a wonderful time!".


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