July 08, 2001 ... Oh, the choices ...

WAR: Ravenettes: Oh, the choices ...
by Kaiya.

Time: Sunday Morning
Place: The Raven
Following: Idle Hands, pt.2

Kaiya yawned as she rubbed her eyes and stared into the mirror. This was just no good, she decided as she stared horrified at the circles under her eyes. She'd had enough sleep ... well, probably not, but she was used to living on little sleep, all those late nights on the internet compensating for England's 'out of synch with everyone' time zone. It must be the war, the war newbie decided as she scavenged through the glossy bags from the shopping trip yesterday.

She put things to one side as she put on her coffee maker and then jumped in the shower. That was the *first* priority today. She returned to her room to find the coffee maker finishing. Flicking strands of damp hair away from her face, she poured coffee and tying the belt of her black silky dressing gown a little bit more firmly, she proceeded to dig out an ashtray so she could smoke.

Finally, fortified with caffeine and nicotine (because she sure as hell wasn't facing the war without it!) she started digging through her purchases in earnest, figuring out just what she was going to wear today. At least she felt awake now. Sort of. She paused, thinking back to last night.

She and Mindi hadn't gotten very far with Molly in creating a spell to protect Janette. And she was feeling guilty, she really should have mentioned to Molly that she'd had an interest in Paganism for quite a while, whilst they were insisting she came up with a spell. She knew better, really. But still. She made a mental note to do that sometime soon, maybe Molly could advise her when she had questions. If her advice on the War was anything to go by, then she would have found herself a good teacher.

Shaking herself back to the present she took her final selections and disappeared into the pretty bathroom that joined her room. Janette always provided for them so well. Her hair drier hummed, various mutterings sounded as she fussed with her hair, her make up, her outfit. Finally, she emerged from the bathroom and regarded her reflection in the full length mirror. Would Janette approve? (Always a key question in every Ravenette's mind.)

Kaiya fiddled with her short velvet midnight blue dress, adjusting the choker she'd chosen in Janette style. She liked it. She'd pulled half her hair up and curled it into ringlets, leaving a few around her face (one of those styles that always looked elegant, but always caused her some problems in the doing. She was much better ... the first few attempts, she couldn't even show her face!)

Okay ... so she looked good. Yay for her. But she was bored again. She was in a pranking mood still, but yesterdays pranks had been a waste of time in the end. The switches were occupying a lot of peoples time. If Janette had switched, then Kaiya was pretty sure they'd be more interested in that, too. Didn't alleviate her bordom though.

She shrugged and headed out of her room, knocking on Molly's door and then Mindi's (luckily for her, both were next door to each other and opposite her own). Both of them answered fairly quickly, also looking up and ready to go.

"Hey Kaiya," Mindi greeted her fellow Ravenette with a smile. Molly seconded the greeting.

"I was thinking," Kaiya jumped straight into it, impulsive by nature.

"Did it hurt?" Molly quipped and Kaiya shot her a look.

"Funny," she shot back sarcastically. Shaking her head, she didn't want to get caught up in a battle of sarcasm's, she knew how long those could last. "I was thinking that maybe we should discuss the switch situation again. In case it happens to our Lady. The others are around here somewhere -- they went skydiving last night and ..."

"Skydiving?!" Mindi exclaimed in surprise, she hadn't heard that bit yet. "Really?"

"Apparently," Kaiya dismissed the skydiving for now, although ... it sounded like fun, she was slmost envious. "So ... we could have a meeting." No one was looking enthusiastic yet. "Or we could have some fun?" Kaiya suggested with a slight smile. "This is a WAR y'know! We should be, well ... warring!"

"I thought English people spoke *proper* english," Mindi remarked. Kaiya shrugged.

"I'm just different," she smirked. "So, what's it going to be?"

Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: Oh, the choices ...
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 11:51:09 -0700
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