July 08, 2001 ... Early Sunday Morning

Early Sunday Morning
by Jason Cebalo

Location: The Raven and
Time 9:00 a.m. Sun July 8

Jason woke up bright and early, he was enjoying his first experience of Toronto, and definitely enjoying his first War, he had much to be thankful for. He paused briefly to offer a morning prayer before getting dressed. He headed into the bar where he found Janette.

"Ah, Mademoiselle, good, morning. I'm sorry about the short notice, I meant to ask last night, but I was wondering if you could have Miklos drive me to St. Vincent's church."

"St. Vincent's?" a puzzled expression crossed the vampire's face "there are other churches somewhat closer."

"I know Mademoiselle, but St. Vincent's do the traditional mass in Latin."

"I see," came the reply, "Well, certainly you may use the car and I'll have Miklos drop you off."

The ride to St. Vincent's went quickly, and Jason absolutely loved the church, it was the kind of old, beautiful building that was all too rare in Australia. After mass he introduced himself to the priest.

"So" asked the priest "this is you first time in Toronto"

"Yes, and I have to say, I'm loving it. Beautiful city you have here."

"Thank you, we like it." The priest smiled. "So what brings you here, business or pleasure."

Suddenly, Jason became uncomfortable, "why had I not thought of an answer to this before?" he mentally chided himself. "I can hardly tell a priest that I'm here to fight in a war between vampires."

"Umm," he shifted uneasily, "pleasure, I'm staying with a friend."

"Indeed? Is your friend Catholic?"

"Urr," Jason became even more uncomfortable "Well, I think she was probably raised Catholic, but umm, you know..." he allowed his voice to trail off.

The priest nodded. " And she lives nearby?"

"Err, yeah. Um, in her bar, you may know it, the Raven."

The priest looked ever so slightly aghast. "That's not the sort of place you would expect a good catholic to stay"

"Yes," replied Jason "well, I try not to be what you expect. It keeps life interesting."

Just then Jason noticed one of Janette's limos' pull up.

"Well," said Jason, "I'm afraid I must be off, but it was very nice to meet you, Fr."


Subject: War: Ravenettes: Early Sunday Morning
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 00:21:48 +1000
From: "Jason Cebalo" catholic_socialist [at] hotmail.com


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