July 17, 2001 ... Cake Baking Made Easy

Cake Baking Made Easy
by Mindi

takes place Tuesday, July 17, 2001
late morning/early afternoon at the Raven

"AIIIEE!!!" Mindi shrieked as she suddenly realized what she had done! "Yikes! I've got to get busy!!! I have to make more of these cakes in time for the party at the Happy... Slouvaki or whatever!" Whirling she vanished into the chaos that was the kitchen...

3 hours later...

"Hey, anyone know where Mindi disappeared to?" Kimmer asked looking for the Ravenette newbie. "Hmmm, last I saw her I think she was heading for the kitchen..." Molly volunteered "Only girl I know who LIKES to be in the kitchen-" she muttered with a sigh. "Okay" Kimmer said poking her head into the cavernous kitchen and immediately jumping back as Mindi, brandishing a spatula dripping with red batter that looked very "fitting" considering her murderous expression poked her head out saying "Out! Out until these are done!!!" She disappeared again but not before everyone noticed her ensemble... Despite the flour sprinkled liberally over it and a few batter drips, it was a very fashionable black hand woven cotton with the red "Raven" logo silk screened on it.

She went back into the kitchen, belting out a very good (if I do say so myself!) rendition of "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" the unofficial Ravenette Theme song as she whirled about...

Molly, Kimmer, Kaiya and a few of the other Ravenettes peeked in the windows on the French style doors and blinked.... Mindi was a dervish! racing from here to there, pulling one cake out of the oven and sliding it deftly onto a cooling rack before opening the refrigerator door with her foot and grabbing one of the many icing bowls to frost yet another confection that demanded her attention.

"Wow" was all Kimmer could say as they all backed away from the door to sit at the bar talking and drinking, wincing at the cacophony in the kitchen before...

"DONE!!!!" Mindi howled throwing her hands up striking a dramatic pose as she cried "Free at last! Free at last! Thank The Dark Lady of Toronto, and her killer kitchens! I am Free at Last!"

She was quite the sight, her apron was covered with flour, sugar, icing and chocolate!, her hair was wild, a few ebony tendrils sneaking free of the bun she had yanked it into, and on her one cheek...

"Mindi!" Kimmer gasped "You're bleeding!" Mindi blinked "Where?" she asked "You're cheek-" Mindi reached out and gently touched it before laughing "Oh no Kimmer, it's not blood, just batter!" She grinned evilly "That and I thought I'd do myself up like my favorite ex-assassin..." Both Molly and Kimmer grinned before all 3 Ravenettes yelled out "Kai!" Once they got their laughter under control, she grinned before saying, "s'done! 5 Red Velvet Cakes, 10 White chocolate Decadence cakes (Remember we''ve got Mercs and Natpackers! she whispered) 5 Dark-Death-by-Chocolate cakes, and a whole mess of other things... Never let it be said that the Ravenettes go to a party unprepared or empty handed!" Everyone cheered before Jacroix appeared and "tsk"-ed softly shaking her head "Cherie, ma petite, you may bake the best treats around, non? And certainment no one will say we came empty-handed! 20 cakes? Mon Deiu! But Cherie have you forgotten? Part of being a Ravenette is the element of style! And Cherie-" here she stared pointedly at her batter-stained and bedraggled appearance "THAT Ensemble is NOT it..." Mindi let out a quiet "eep!" suddenly noticing her appearance "Jacroix, I'm SO Sorry-" she began "Shh petite, just go change... you'll find a new outfit set out for you" Jacroix smiled at the Ravenette's amazed expression "Think of it as a 'Thank you'" she said before giving the still-stunned Ravenette a gentle push toward the stairs and her waiting room....

Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Cake Baking Made Easy"
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:58:04 +1000
From: "Access1" taliesyn [at] C031.AONE.NET.AU
Reply-To: Access1 taliesyn [at] C031.AONE.NET.AU
all participants used with permission


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