July 17, 2001 ... Party Hearty At The Happy Souvlaki (Chapters 1 & 2)

Party Hearty At The Happy Souvlaki, Chapter 1
by Kimmer, Molly/Stormborn & Lorna

takes place on Tuesday, July 17, 2001
at the Raven Night Club and at the FoDs Party at the Happy Souvlaki

Lorna looked around the Raven. She had not been very involved in this war, the week she had spent in the hospital shortly before it started having taken its' toll. Still, it had been wonderful coming to Toronto and being with old friends, making new ones, and hanging out with Molly's lizard, Bill. The party tonight was going to be fun, and just what she needed. Thankfully, Janette knew the best seamstress in Toronto, so she had something comfortable yet stylish to wear. This was no small feat for the seamstress to accomplish, as Lorna was now confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately Miklos was attending this party, too, and would be available to push her around any long distance. This made Lorna very happy, for now she would not have to wear those ugly bicycling gloves to protect her hands. Instead a diamond dinner ring graced her right hand, diamond tennis bracelet her right wrist, and diamond watch her left one.

Kimmer, Molly, Mindi, Kaiya and Teresa joined Lorna at her table. They popped a couple of bottles of champagne to drink before they left. Miklos was behind the bar, stashing a few bottles of the House Special in a portable bar for Jacroix and himself. Alex and Jason were making sure the bars in the limos were well-stocked. Chanda, Time, Claudia and LeeAnn came into the bar, chatting away and laughing. They decided to join in on the festivities, opening champagne and sitting at the bar.

The Ravenettes were getting a little too comfortable, Kimmer decided, and it was time to leave. Alma and the fledglings were looking forward to having the place to themselves for a change. "You'll miss us when we're gone!" Kimmer had declared earlier to Alma, who threw a well-aimed heel at Kimmer's head. Kimmer rubbed the area the shoe had made contact with gingerly, positive that she had a little bump. She hurried to her room to recomb and add a little more mousse. Then, it absolutely was time to get the Ravenettes out of the bar.

"Mindi, Mindi!" Kimmer hollered over the merry-making din. Mindi dutifully set her glass down and gave Kimmer her undivided attention. "Are you all done with those goodies you promised to bake earlier today?".

Mindi nodded, and jumped up, eager to show off her latest culinary treats.

Molly, Time, Teresa, Claudia and LeeAnn helped Mindi bring out her creations. After much oohing and aahing, and pushing the men back out the door ("It figures Alex and Jason would come back in, when we get the food out!" Kimmer had whispered to Molly, who chortled in agreement), it was time to box up the goodies and head to the FoDs party.

It took two limos to get all of the Ravenettes, with Jacroix and Miklos in tow, to the Happy Souvlaki Deli. Upon arrival, they poured out and hurried to the front door. It was time for another party!

Molly sniffed the air cautiously as she entered the party with Lorna. The FoDs must have used some heavy-duty air neutralizer, for she caught not a whiff of stomach-turning lamb, and sighed in relief. Bill, who had become very fond of Lorna and was riding in a sack attached to the back of her wheelchair, stuck his snout out too. He gave a softly inquiring screech, then cocked his head at Molly. "Don't worry, Bill," she said. "There'll be brains--*cow*--brains, for you".

Cindy, the leader of the FoDs, came up to greet the Ravenette faction. Mindi showed her the boxes of treats she had baked that day, and Cindy found a FoD to help Mindi to the kitchen. Once she had her treats delivered, Mindi headed back to the party. It was time for some fun!


Party Hearty At The Happy Souvlaki, Chapter 2
by Mindi

Striding back into the party, Mindi grinned wickedly as she whispered something in Kimmer's ear before taking out a CD.... "Now, she murmured, let's show these people how to MOVE... and" she whispered to herself "How to really solve this War- thingy, in true Ravenette fashion- With STYLE!!!" Minutes later a song began to play... And slowly everyone turned to look at just WHO was coming in now....

The Ravenettes were all smiling as Ja Croix, (in Janette's favorite long, body hugging, raven-black velvet and silk dress) hair stylishly done, thanks to input from all the Ravenettes, slowly, regally strode into the room....

"Lady Bless Ja Croix looks stunning-" Mindi whispered "Of course she does honey!" Kimmer whispered back "La Croix's proud bearing and excellent posture look SO good on our lady!" The Ravenettes War Leader said with a smile at the newbie. "The clothes, the hair, oh Thank the Goddess! She looks fantastic" Molly whispered to the rest of the Ravenettes who all stood, mesmerized by the entrance of their patron.

Slowly (Janette in LaCroix's body)- LaCroix, (In Black raw silk Armani Of Course!) strode across the room and to where her body stood, poised on lethal looking stilettos that emphasized the length of JaCroix's slender legs. They both stared at each other for a moment before Mindi hit the "play" button on the sound system-Suddenly the music began to play and both Ja Croix and (Janette in LaCroix's body) La Croix turned to flash the trembling newbie a smile. Mindi had wanted so badly to do SOMETHING right in this War! So this was the best thing she had come up with, a great way to get Ja Croix and (Janette in La Croix's body) La Croix back together ... she only hoped it worked and that they wouldn't drain her for doing it! But at their smile she relaxed and watched, swept away as the two began to dance to "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"....

"Well Done Mindi" Kimmer murmured softly to the Ravenette staring absolutely stunned by the beauty of the dance before her.

They moved together with the familiarity that only comes after years, no, centuries of practice. They flowed like water, not just moving to the music but becoming it, serious, tender, passionate and fun, they swept across the dance floor daring anyone to try and deny them this moment, father and daughter, teacher and student, one-time lovers, together.... and in that moment, in that space and time, no one dared...

finis chapter two

Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Party Hearty At The Happy Souvlaki"
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 21:21:42 -0600
From: kimmer kimmertom [at] qwest.net
To: forever knight fan fiction list FKFIC-L [at] lists.psu.edu
all participants used with permission


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