July 19, 2001 ... Letting Loose!

Letting Loose!
by Molly & Kimmer

takes place at the Raven Night Club at War's End

"It's ... gonna be ... GREAT!"

"Yes," Mindi nodded, and kept on nodding. "I've got the... hair! ... for it!".

Kimmer looked from Molly to Mindi, and back again. The two were obviously under the influence of the Raven's well-stocked bar, but not terribly so. At least Molly still had the coordination necessary to work with Mindi's long blue-black hair--although, she reflected, a true Ravenette could do hair blindfolded. She watched as Molly made a careful part along the back of Mindi's head, clipped the top portion of hair up, and started braiding the bottom. "Ah," she said, "BrunnenG, huh?".

"Yuppers," said Molly. "Got a, um, a foundation for it from the beauty supply store..for the bun-part thingie".

"Cool! Oh, by the way, how drunk are you?". Kimmer asked.

"Not drunk," Molly grinned, "just got a buzz on. Never get drunk; don't like it".

"Well, good, because I've called one last meeting".

"Meeting?" Mindi perked up. "Party!".

"No, honey," Kimmer told the EverReady Ravenette. "It's about the next War. We're all a little disappointed that we didn't get to really let loose this time, so I thought we could brainstorm and come up with some ideas for next time".

"Cool." Molly had a mouthful of bobby pins; she took them out and handed them to Bill to hold in his snout. "I wanna do the DPs next time. I don't get a chance to talk to Cousin Mary as much as I'd like, but--she's a bud! a chum! an evil genius of comedy!".

Kimmer nodded and got out her laptop. She got everything set up and started to make notes. "Yes, Cousin Mary is pretty evil. and funny. You know, she didn't play in this War, but I will add that to my notes. We want Cousin Mary to play in the next War. I have to tell you, in her absence, the DPs still did their faction proud. It was a pleasure to war with Anne, Anita, Wolfy, and the rest of their pack".

Molly and Mindi started coming up with other suggestions, while Molly did Mindi's hair. Kimmer put her hand up and said, "Whoa, whoa...let's wait till the others get here. I need a drink". Kimmer looked at Molly's glass and said, "What are you drinking, by the way?".

"Hard cider".

Thinking that sounded cool and refreshing, Kimmer asked Miklos for one. He freshened Molly's while setting Kimmer's down a safe distance from the laptop. "Thanks, Miklos," she said, trying not to think about how long it would be again before the Raven bartender poured her a drink.

Molly finished arranging Mindi's hair in the style of their favorite dead assassin, even pulling down a long forelock to drape artfully over one cheekbone. She opened up her makeup case next and asked, "Do you want me to white out your face first, or just draw the tattoo?".

"No paleface! Us golden-skinned people have to stick together!" Mindi replied adamantly. Since Mindi was Asian and Molly's heritage had given her skin a distinctly yellow cast, they grinned at each other.

Kimmer was admiring the job Molly did on Mindi, when Chanda, LeeAnn, Teresa, Lorna, Alex, Kaiya, Jason, Claudia and Time came into the bar. The last hurrah was upon them. First, though, some business.

"Okay, guys, can I have your attention?" Kimmer asked, and the milling about stopped. "Go ahead and get some drinks, pull up a seat, get comfortable, we need to discuss a little business before we get some serious drinking in here. I want you all to get your drinks and sit down and think about what you want to do in the next War".

The Ravenettes sat down and thought about things. LeeAnn said she wanted to do more pranks next war, and there was an unaminous consensus that more pranks were definitely needed.

"You know what I would like to see?" Kimmer asked to the room in general. "I would like to see a War taking place in winter instead of summer. The last two wars were in summer, and we have a Ravenette that missed both wars because she only has computer access at her college. I think we should have a war like in February, when more college-bound FK fans can play. Sure, whenever you have a war, it is inevitable that the time will be bad for someone. But it shouldn't be the same 'someones' every war".

A murmur of agreement arose thru the ranks. Soon the Ravenettes were spouting out ideas, some doable, some very clever, some very silly, and as always, mayhem ensued. Kimmer typed furiously away on her laptop, trying to keep up with them all.

Eventually, the noise died down again. Alex piped up, "So, does everyone have their travel plans made?". Eyes looked around the room. It appeared that Claudia had taken care of business. So had a few others. Laughter broke out when the Ravenettes found out that their leader still didn't have her plans finalized.

"Aw, c'mon you guys, you know how it is! It's important to get here in a timely manner, but I never worry too much about getting out of here again. It's hard to leave....." Kimmer's voice trailed off. She was *not* going to cry. No, she would raise another toast to her Ravenettes and celebrate their faction!



Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Letting Loose!"
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:45:12 -0600
From: kimmer kimmertom [at] qwest.net
To: forever knight fan fiction list FKFIC-L [at] lists.psu.edu
all participants used with permission


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