July 19, 2001 ... Au Revoir Mes Amis!

Au Revoir Mes Amis!
by Mindi

Mindi sighed, as she surveyed her room at The Raven which had been her home for the past two weeks... It seemed like just the other day she had arrived, unsure of what was happening, wondering just what this War would bring. During the war she had often wondered if she would have the stamina to keep going until the end, sleep deprivation driving her almost batty! But now, looking at the room that was now once again stripped, she sighed..."Just when I was getting the hang of it" she muttered to herself before she carefully put all her luggage neatly by the door.

All in all she reflected it had gone fairly well, her horses had all done well, and all had nice new wardrobes for the ride home. She smiled as she remembered her final victory ride, cantering around the huge indoor arena, rosettes whipping in the wind, Jeanette, Miklos and all her fellow Ravenettes standing there cheering her on. That was something she would never forget. "And" she murmured to herself "I guess I did all right, no one died, no one lynched me..... " She flung herself onto the luxurious bed fighting back a wave of melancholy that threatened to overwhelm her. Suddenly there was a quiet knock on the door....

Sitting up quickly she strode to the door opening it to reveal Miklos. "Miklos?! What's wrong? What happened? Did someone try and stage a last minute attack?" her eyes darted around in wild anticipation.

"non Cheri" he said softly "Everyone was just wondering where you had gotten off to-"

"oh-" Mindi said quietly "Just lost in my thoughts I guess...." she sighed again "Don't be so sad Cherie" Miklos said quickly "Smile! Be happy! You did marvelously at the show! So Impressive! and don't fret, Jeanette has already said you can come back to The Raven at anytime!" Mindi blinked "Really?" she asked "Really" Miklos said firmly "Now come Cherie! Your plane leaves in a few hours, but let's party, and have a good time non? Come, we must make sure everyone goes home with happy memories!" "Right!" Mindi said and quickly re-pinning her hair she gave Miklos a hug and walked out into the bar to say farewell to all her new friends.....

"Thank you My Lady-" she whispered to Jeanette as she handed the dark-haired Ravenette a small box, inside of which were earrings and a new choker, with the stylized Raven logo on them "For you, what better gift for a "Raven" then a Raven N'est Pas?" She hugged her newest Ravenette warmly before saying "Remember Cherie, the door is always open for you-"

Mindi nodded quickly moving to where her friends sat drinking, laughing and talking -Hugging everyone, she smiled as she brought out small packages for everyone, Jeanette and Miklos included. They were opened to reveal a video CD, at everyone's questioning look she shrugged "I downloaded THE DANCE from the FoD's party... I just thought that way we'd all have something to remember this by..." she paused and took a deep breath before saying "And my last gift to all of you is another song..." Everyone looked around waiting for the sounds system to kick in but instead Mindi pulled a small harp from the odd-shaped case she had sitting beside her and began to play:

    "May the road rise up to meet you
     may the wind be always at your call,
     may the (here she grinned-) moon shine cool upon your face now,
     may the rains fall soft upon your fields,
     and until we meet again,
     and until we meet again,
     may the Lady of the Night keep a watch upon us all
     may Mme. Jeanette keep a watch upon us all"

Everyone was grinning as she finished with a flourish. And Mindi smiled..... It had been a great war after all.

Subject: War: Ravennettes: Au Revoir Mes Amis!
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 23:32:55 EDT
From: "Mindi Hughes" Sargonith [at] AOL.COM
Reply-To: Sargonith [at] AOL.COM


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