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Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Things A'right" (01/01)
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 12:59:29 -0600
From: kimmer <kimmertom @>
To: forever knight fan fiction list <FKFIC-L @>


by Kimmer

all participants used with permission

takes place at the Raven Night Club

Thursday night/Friday morning, 'round Midnight

The club was packed. Miklos was pouring drinks steadily, the tunes were loud, people were dancing, drinking, smoking, another happening night at the Raven.

Kimmer, Alex, Jason, Mindi and Molly constantly worked the room. They were keeping an eye out to make sure that none of their guests had an inkling to the strange, bizarre, perky events that had recently taken place. They wanted everything to be comfortable for the denizens from the basement, and for the regulars who came here to release life's frustrations.

It was like they felt her, rather than saw her. For not one of them had seen Janette enter the club, but all eyes were drawn to her. She was just there, behind the bar, speaking to Miklos. He had a coy little smile playing around his lips, as he pulled a special bottle out for his Dark Lady, filling the elegant wine glass with a red substance.

Janette drank deeply, and offered her glass to be filled again. The Ravenettes let out the collective breath they had all been holding in. It was her, their Janette, back again in her own body, holding court over her club.

With feelings of joy and relief, the Ravenettes gathered at the bar for the first celebratory drink in days.


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