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Subject: WAR: Ravenettes: "Party Invitation" (01/01)
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 22:28:58 -0600
From: "kimmer" <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>
Reply-To: kimmer <kimmertom @ QWEST.NET>


by Kimmer

all participants used with permission

takes place at the Raven Night Club
Saturday evening, around 8:00 p.m.

Kimmer tried not to stare. But it was so wonderful to have Janette back, she just couldn't help it. Janette remembered things, bits and pieces, much like still photographs instead of a moving picture. All she really knew for sure about the last three days was that things were not right, and her body had experienced certain distresses she had not had for centuries.

Now she was in her apartment, getting dressed for the evening, and Kimmer was helping her with her hair. Her faction had been so, so--clingy, which normally she would have found quite annoying, but now was sort of comforting.

"What about Lacroix--and Nicolai," Janette asked, taking the antique comb from Kimmer and placing it in her hair exactly where she wanted it. "Are they still experiencing these 'incidents'?".

Kimmer shrugged and said, "I don't know. We haven't seen anything of them recently. We have heard things, of course, but we had our hands pretty full with you--er, with things around here".

Janette smiled and said, "I need to know what is going on in the Community".

Kimmer sat down on the bed, pulling her calendar/address book out of her purse. She could call around, she had numbers. She briefly thumbed through the calendar section before she started to make her calls.

"Oh, yes, well, there is a party tomorrow night. Birthday party, actually two birthday parties. Julia and Lora of the UF are having birthdays and there is a party at The Hive. A few of us could go over there and check out what's happening".

Janette nodded and walked back over to her closet. "Yes, yes that is a fabulous idea. I shall also go. A party is just what I need, and perhaps Lacroix and Nicolai will be there".

Janette pulled out a dark blue satin gown. It had sequins on the bodice, strapless and backless. It was floor-length, slit up one side to about the knee. She held it up to Kimmer, turning it this way and that. The gown was stunning.

"Are you going to wear that tomorrow night?" Kimmer asked, stifling the urge to rub the material between her fingers.

"I think so, yes," Janette said, walking over to one of her jewelry boxes, looking for the perfect pieces for the gown. Kimmer caught a glimpse of gleaming sapphire and diamonds. She knew the Dark Lady of the Knight was going to knock 'em all dead.

Janette and Kimmer stopped by Lorna's room on the way downstairs. Lorna's nurse gave them a progress report on the physical therapy workouts, and complained loudly about Molly's lizard Bill who still had an affinity for sleeping in Lorna's bed. Kimmer suspected he knew the Ravenette was injured, and somehow felt the need to stay with her. Janette simply laughed, wished Lorna and her nurse a good night, and proceeded to join her faction at the bar.

It was decided that with things being as bizarre as they had been recently, it just would not do for all the Ravenettes to go to the party. Some needed to stay with Lorna and the Raven. There was some grumbling about, for Ravenettes hate nothing more than missing a party, but eventually half of them--Molly, Mindi, Chanda, Claudia and Kaiya decided to stay with Lorna and keep an eye on the club. Kimmer, Jason, Alex, Time, LeeAnn and Teresa would accompany Janette to The Hive for the UF birthday parties.

For now, though, it was Saturday night at the Raven, they were all together with Janette, and it was time to party!


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