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Subject: War: Vaq/Ravenettes: Only At the Raven (1/1)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 23:05:40 -0600
From: "Tracy Sue" <tracysue @>
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Only at the Raven (1/1)

By Tracy Morris

Time: Sunday During the UF birthday party.

Place: The UF Hive

". So 99 little blue men, and one woman. You do the math."

The snatch of odd conversation caught Kimmer's attention. She turned to see if she knew the speaker. It was Felicia, the leader of the Vaqueras. Beside her, Vachon and Tab sniggered at the joke that the leader of the Ravenettes had barely caught.

Kimmer noted with disapproval that Vachon was wearing a wool sweater-vest. Where was the Spaniard getting his fashion advice? Nick?

"What I don't understand," Tab said "is this: Gargamel wanted the Smurfs to eat. But he created Smurffette to trap them. So why couldn't he just create his own smurfs? Why waste all that energy catching the wild ones?"

"It's a cartoon," Vachon was saying. "It doesn't have to make sense."

Kimmer decided that moment would be opportune to interrupt. "Felicia, right?" She asked as she stepped up to the Vaqueros.

"Hi Kimmer," The leader of the Vaqueras smiled at the Ravenette's leader. "This is Nick for right now." She waved to Nick.

"Why aren't you socializing with the Knighties?" Kimmer raised an eyebrow at the detective in the borrowed body.

In response, Nick glanced guiltily at his wine glass. Kimmer realized that he was probably drinking the good stuff. "Ohhh." She drew out the words.

"So, how's the war been treating you?" Felicia asked.

"Oh, the usual," Kimmer shrugged. "Tracy Redecorated the Raven. We attacked the N Ners. Just stuff."

"Tell me about it," Felicia rolled her eyes. We had rats. Big rats."

Kimmer looked slyly at the Vaqueros. "What's this I hear about Vachon and Screed? Maybe they should be the ones with the unnamed faction?"

Felicia colored bright pink. "That was Tracy in that body, not Screed."

"So do you guys still have that Karaoke machine?" Tab changed the subject quickly.

"I think so. Do you guys like to Karaoke?"

"We threw a karaoke party last year in the pitted peach," Tab smiled at the memory. "It was a big hit."

"It sounds wonderful." Kimmer said. "If you guys can pull together a party on short notice, we'll let you use the Raven this year."

"Kimmer, We're Vaqueras. We can pull together a party spontaneously."

"Then how does Monday sound?"


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