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Subject: WAR: Ravenette: "Night of Wine and Music"
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 00:54:18 +1000
From: "Access1" <taliesyn @ C031.AONE.NET.AU>
Reply-To: Access1 <taliesyn @ C031.AONE.NET.AU>


"Night of Wine and Music"

takes place at the Happy Souvlaki Deli, shortly after the Ravenettes arrive at the FoDs Party

by Alex

Watching Janette and LaCroix in each other's bodies together made for a great night they were beautifully dressed, well Janette and LaCroix do have great taste in fashion. Mindi made a perfect selection for the music which set the mood, and drinking a glass of Janette's wine from her cellars relaxed me no end it's been a trying War.

Talking to the other Ravenettes I felt a bit sad as soon it will be over, but it had been crazy war with no rhyme or reason but I suspect the reason will be revealed soon.

"At least there's been no fashion or bad make up attack on Janette this unlike the last" commented to Molly who agreed. "Couldn't stand another attack like that one, sure is a great party don't you think"

"Yeh have to admit the Fod's do know how to make a good party almost as good as we do" Alex said to Molly and Kimmer.

Kaiya brought me a cake and a refill for my glass, "Hmmm delicious cake Mindi don't suppose you'll give the recipe"? Mindi just smiled and took a bite of her cake. Oh well I'll just have to wait till the next war for some more cakes I thought.

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