July 08, 2001

The Morning After (the party that is! *G*)
by Sargonith (aka: Mindi)

Mindi Blinked.... "Oh Man What happened???" she mumbled she vaguely remembered arriving, going to the main room, the party... and the reactions to her dress, here she grinned, remembering the look on Miklos' face... he had blinked appreciatively, and she could just see him thinking, 'for a new Ravenette, she sure knows how to dress'. She smiled, THE dress, as she liked to think of it was a long, formfitting gown of raven-black velvet lined in raw silk the color of cranberries hugged her body, the skirt flared out slightly over her hips giving way to the fall or burgundy silk that was the skirt that almost swept the floor swishing softly about her legs. Her thin scarf of black silk floated softly over her shoulders like a shadow, it's edges burgundy satin. Strapless with a plunging back line and a low sweetheart neckline the dress emphasized her collarbones and the exquisite choker she wore, on a wide velvet ribbon again, in deepest black but edged in burgundy was an obsidian Raven with a single ruby chip for an eye. On her fingers were a few simple rings, silver bands that she was never without. She had chosen to wear her long raven mane swept up into an interesting style, piled high onto her head and held with many pins all bejeweled with either onyx or garnets that sparkled darkly in the light, the rest of it hanging loose, trailing down her back, including the one white lock she had streaked in which shone softly at her temple.... Her high stiletto-heeled black suede shoes had long ribbons that tied, crisscrossing her legs like a Pointe shoe, while on the top of each foot was a small, velvet burgundy rose. She winced, looking down at her dress now... she sighed, seeing a hefty dry cleaners bill coming up! She shook her head and winced sharply at the raging headache she had... "Never trust Miklos to make you a "Raven Zinfandel" she muttered "If he wasn't already dead, I swear I'd kill him..." she slowly, and unsteadily got to her feet, leaning heavily on the wall, wincing as she discovered herself barefoot and then she remembered, it had been well after midnight and the party had only gotten wilder, everyone full of sumptuous treats, and fabulous drinks, were now getting their second wind. Mindi fuzzily remembered seeing Kezia, chatting with Molly, Kimmer and a few of her other friends before she danced a wild Spanish number (on a dare, 'ha! that'll teach 'em to challenge me when I'm drunk' she thought bemusedly), during which she had broken one of her heels and in a moment of careless abandon simply pulled off her shoes all together to go diving back into the whirling mass of bodies all dancing and swaying with the pulsing beat of the music and crooning along with the requests played by Teresa. 'Man that girl is good!' she thought filing it away in her memory under 'if I ever need a DJ'...

Then she remembered the drink... the fatal concoction that had done her in... Having already drunk a few glasses of Chilled Ribena (spiked with a little Absolut) she was happily buzzed and not thinking clearly which lead her to try the ungodly concoction Miklos set before her with a grin and a whispered "try it... you'll like it..."

"Yeah Right" she muttered darkly as she began to stagger out toward the main room.

"Raven Zinfandel my...." her thoughts halted abruptly as she Molly and Kayia... they were discussing something..... she groaned as she saw Miklos grin in her direction...

"Ah! so the Lady Raven decides to join the world of the living after all" he said with a smile "Drop Dead Miklos" she snarled in his general direction before saying "Next time I stick to straight shots of Goldshlauger.... no more fancy concoctions Miklos-" she said holding up her hand in warning "I've got he worst headache of my life, feel terrible AND I've lost my shoes!" she finished with a plaintive wail. "Those were brand new! I bought them just for this party!" she moaned Miklos grinned "Perhaps these are the 'glass slippers' in question Bella?" he asked holding up her shoes by their ribbons, freshly repaired... Mindi blinked "My shoes-" she whispered "But how? they had a broken heel after that Spanish dancing fiasco-" he smiled "Mademoiselle Jeanette thought you would be most distressed over them so I had them repaired after you fell *asleep*" he answered with a grin "And after I had escorted you to your room-" she blinked again... "I'm sorry Miklos- I guess I made a fool of myself huh?" she sighed, sitting at the bar, her head in her hands looking positively miserable "No! of course not!" he exclaimed "Bella, that's what these parties are all about! Having a good time! Which you did non?" "Oui! Certainment!" she said with a sigh even in her condition easily switching to French without a thought. Miklos reached behind the bar and mixed her a drink, "oh no Miklos, not again!" she began but he shushed her saying "An old cure for headaches and hangovers... nothing bad I promise you, now drink up-" she stared at him but then muttering "what the hell?" she knocked it back in 2 gulps. making a face at the taste- "now-" he began before she could start complaining, "Why don't you go take a nice long hot shower, get cleaned up and I'll send your dress out to the dry cleaners. I think Molly and Kayia are planning something, why don't you go freshen up while I try and find out what it's all about non?" She grinned "Miklos, you really are the best...." she paused, "How do I ever repay you?" he grinned "Be happy Bella, be Stylish, be Fashionable and most of all be Yourself, have fun! now go... hurry up, trust me you do NOT want Jeanette to see you like that!" She grinned before racing off to her room to shower and change....

(1/2 hour later)

Mindi emerged from her room looking completely different. Long raven locks were pulled into a tight French braid, white streak plaited in. Dressed in black leather trousers, small heeled lace-up boots of black suede and a flowing silk poets blouse of amethyst she looked much better.... Flashing Miklos a smile and a silent "Thank You" she headed over to Molly and Kayia to find out just what they were planning....

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WAR: Ravenettes: Oh, the choices ...
by Kaiya.

Time: Sunday Morning
Place: The Raven
Following: Idle Hands, pt.2

Kaiya yawned as she rubbed her eyes and stared into the mirror. This was just no good, she decided as she stared horrified at the circles under her eyes. She'd had enough sleep ... well, probably not, but she was used to living on little sleep, all those late nights on the internet compensating for England's 'out of synch with everyone' time zone. It must be the war, the war newbie decided as she scavenged through the glossy bags from the shopping trip yesterday.

She put things to one side as she put on her coffee maker and then jumped in the shower. That was the *first* priority today. She returned to her room to find the coffee maker finishing. Flicking strands of damp hair away from her face, she poured coffee and tying the belt of her black silky dressing gown a little bit more firmly, she proceeded to dig out an ashtray so she could smoke.

Finally, fortified with caffeine and nicotine (because she sure as hell wasn't facing the war without it!) she started digging through her purchases in earnest, figuring out just what she was going to wear today. At least she felt awake now. Sort of. She paused, thinking back to last night.

She and Mindi hadn't gotten very far with Molly in creating a spell to protect Janette. And she was feeling guilty, she really should have mentioned to Molly that she'd had an interest in Paganism for quite a while, whilst they were insisting she came up with a spell. She knew better, really. But still. She made a mental note to do that sometime soon, maybe Molly could advise her when she had questions. If her advice on the War was anything to go by, then she would have found herself a good teacher.

Shaking herself back to the present she took her final selections and disappeared into the pretty bathroom that joined her room. Janette always provided for them so well. Her hair drier hummed, various mutterings sounded as she fussed with her hair, her make up, her outfit. Finally, she emerged from the bathroom and regarded her reflection in the full length mirror. Would Janette approve? (Always a key question in every Ravenette's mind.)

Kaiya fiddled with her short velvet midnight blue dress, adjusting the choker she'd chosen in Janette style. She liked it. She'd pulled half her hair up and curled it into ringlets, leaving a few around her face (one of those styles that always looked elegant, but always caused her some problems in the doing. She was much better ... the first few attempts, she couldn't even show her face!)

Okay ... so she looked good. Yay for her. But she was bored again. She was in a pranking mood still, but yesterdays pranks had been a waste of time in the end. The switches were occupying a lot of peoples time. If Janette had switched, then Kaiya was pretty sure they'd be more interested in that, too. Didn't alleviate her bordom though.

She shrugged and headed out of her room, knocking on Molly's door and then Mindi's (luckily for her, both were next door to each other and opposite her own). Both of them answered fairly quickly, also looking up and ready to go.

"Hey Kaiya," Mindi greeted her fellow Ravenette with a smile. Molly seconded the greeting.

"I was thinking," Kaiya jumped straight into it, impulsive by nature.

"Did it hurt?" Molly quipped and Kaiya shot her a look.

"Funny," she shot back sarcastically. Shaking her head, she didn't want to get caught up in a battle of sarcasm's, she knew how long those could last. "I was thinking that maybe we should discuss the switch situation again. In case it happens to our Lady. The others are around here somewhere -- they went skydiving last night and ..."

"Skydiving?!" Mindi exclaimed in surprise, she hadn't heard that bit yet. "Really?"

"Apparently," Kaiya dismissed the skydiving for now, although ... it sounded like fun, she was slmost envious. "So ... we could have a meeting." No one was looking enthusiastic yet. "Or we could have some fun?" Kaiya suggested with a slight smile. "This is a WAR y'know! We should be, well ... warring!"

"I thought English people spoke *proper* english," Mindi remarked. Kaiya shrugged.

"I'm just different," she smirked. "So, what's it going to be?"

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Early Sunday Morning
by Jason Cebalo

Location: The Raven and
Time 9:00 a.m. Sun July 8

Jason woke up bright and early, he was enjoying his first experience of Toronto, and definitely enjoying his first War, he had much to be thankful for. He paused briefly to offer a morning prayer before getting dressed. He headed into the bar where he found Janette.

"Ah, Mademoiselle, good, morning. I'm sorry about the short notice, I meant to ask last night, but I was wondering if you could have Miklos drive me to St. Vincent's church."

"St. Vincent's?" a puzzled expression crossed the vampire's face "there are other churches somewhat closer."

"I know Mademoiselle, but St. Vincent's do the traditional mass in Latin."

"I see," came the reply, "Well, certainly you may use the car and I'll have Miklos drop you off."

The ride to St. Vincent's went quickly, and Jason absolutely loved the church, it was the kind of old, beautiful building that was all too rare in Australia. After mass he introduced himself to the priest.

"So" asked the priest "this is you first time in Toronto"

"Yes, and I have to say, I'm loving it. Beautiful city you have here."

"Thank you, we like it." The priest smiled. "So what brings you here, business or pleasure."

Suddenly, Jason became uncomfortable, "why had I not thought of an answer to this before?" he mentally chided himself. "I can hardly tell a priest that I'm here to fight in a war between vampires."

"Umm," he shifted uneasily, "pleasure, I'm staying with a friend."

"Indeed? Is your friend Catholic?"

"Urr," Jason became even more uncomfortable "Well, I think she was probably raised Catholic, but umm, you know..." he allowed his voice to trail off.

The priest nodded. " And she lives nearby?"

"Err, yeah. Um, in her bar, you may know it, the Raven."

The priest looked ever so slightly aghast. "That's not the sort of place you would expect a good catholic to stay"

"Yes," replied Jason "well, I try not to be what you expect. It keeps life interesting."

Just then Jason noticed one of Janette's limos' pull up.

"Well," said Jason, "I'm afraid I must be off, but it was very nice to meet you, Fr."


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The Horns of a Dilemma
by Jason Cebalo
(with big thanks to Time for information and Alex for the great idea)

Place: The Raven
Time: Just before Midnight, Sunday July 8.

Jason walked into the Raven, the music wasn't exactly his favourite, but he was enjoying it none the less, and he had been more than impressed by the bar's selection of Australian beers.

"Still," he though, "maybe I should put them to the test on something a little more exotic."

He walked up to the bar, "I don't suppose you know how to make a Dark and Stormy, do you?" he asked the bartender.

"I do indeed," came the reply.

"I'll have one, please."

"Your on you first trip to North America, closer to the Caribbean than you've ever been, in your life, and your asking for a drink that requires Australian rum?"

The voice came from behind him, Jason turned to see Janette behind him.

"What can I say, Mademoiselle? I'm parochial, I think the best drinks come from Down Under."

"I can't say that I agree, although I must admit I've been impressed with the Australian wines I've tasted."

Jason took his drink from the bar, and sipped it slowly.

"Coming from a French woman, that is a compliment. But I've been wanting to ask you about something."


"I'm told that a while back the Mayor of Toronto had fibre-glass Looses put up around the city and that vandalism became quite a problem."

Janette smiled "Mais oui, particularly the antlers kept being stolen. It cost the city a lot of money."

"So it would not go well for anyone who could be proven to have stolen a lot of those horns?"

The femme Fatale of Toronto's vampires cocked her head slightly and gazed intently at Jason, trying to work out what he was thinking "No, I suppose not."

"I wonder, could you possibly have a talk to some of your connections, see if you could get as many fibre-glass horns as possible brought here."

She nodded, "I think so. I'll be most amused to see what you are planning."

"Thank you, Mademoiselle." He smiled, "I really should be going to bed,I'll explain my plan in the morning."

Place : The Raven, N&N Pack H.Q.
Time: about 8:30 p.m. Monday July 9

Raven/ettes Alex, Mindi, Claudia, Kimmmer, Molly and Kaiya used by request.

N&N Pack H.Q. and N.&N. Packer Eva used by permission.

"Okay." Jason was sitting at the bar, a glass of Toohey's Blue in his hand. "My lady," he nodded to Janette, "how many sets of horns do we have?"

"Thirteen," replied the vampire with an evil smile.

Jason sipped his beer, "Excellent" now, these horns have been wiped clean, so anyone touching them needs gloves, no fingerprints. Everyone might know we've done this, but I don't want any actual proof."

He paused a few moments in contemplation, the war had been fun, but it needed something to spice things up, and this was just the thing.

"Now Kimmer," Jason turned to the Ravenette war leader who sat beside him sipping a glass of sparkling wine. "You know what to do."

Kimmer smiled, "It will be a pleasure."

"Good." Jason turned to the other Ravenettes in the bar. "Now, Molly, Claudia, Kaiya, Mindi and Alex, I'm afraid you get removal duty. I wanted to hire some mercs to take care of the dirty work, but looks like they weren't available."

"No problem," replied Molly. "We eat the fine chocolates that would have gone to pay them."

"Bright side to everything." agreed Jason "Okay, lets do it!"

Jason knocked at the door of the N&N Pack H.Q., he waited a few moments before the door was opened by a tall woman with short brown hair and glasses.

"Hi," said Jason, extending his hand, "I'm Jason, pleased to meet you."

"Um, Eva" replied the N&N Packer, shaking hands but looking slightly confused. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, you see. This is my first war, and I've never met a N&N Packer before, and to be perfectly honest, I don't really understand you. I just thought you might be able to explain to me where you're coming from."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, after over seven hundred years, it just seems so obvious to me that Nick and Janette belong together."

Eva frowned, not sure whether to be offended or impressed with the brazenness of the Raven newbie.

"Besides," he continued, "It's really obvious that Nat doesn't love Nick."

"Are we safe?" asked Claudia.

"Yep." Alex whispered back. Only one person home and Jason's got her well and truly distracted.

Alex, Mindi, Claudia and Kaiya snuck in the back door of N&N Pack H.Q., they where in and out a few times, leaving the fibreglass moose horns in the N&N Packers' bedrooms.

They quickly returned outside where Molly was behind the wheel of a large van, specially rented by Janette for the occasion.

Back at the Raven, Kimmer checked her watch, "I think it's about time" she said to herself. She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello, Police? Yes you remember the spate of moose vandalism about a year ago. Yes well it seems that a gang calling themselves the Nick and Nat Pack where responsible for quite a few of them, and they still have a number of horns stashed in their headquarters."

Eva was standing there, totally gobsmacked. "You have a nerve! To come to our H.Q. and say something like this! I mean, you have a right to your views about Nick and Janette, but how can you doubt Nat's devotion to Nick?"

"I'm sorry, I'm not trying to offend you. Like I said, I really do want to understand where you guys are coming from. But the way I see it, she's not so much devoted to him as to the person she's trying to turn him into."

At that point two police cars pulled up. Several Officers got out. Excuse me, said one. Sargent Catherine Johnstone, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We have a warrant to search these premises for stolen moose horns.

"Umm, nothing to do with me." said Jason, "I don't live here. I just dropped by for a chat and was about to get going."

Jason smiled to himself as he walked of, leaving a very bemused Eva to deal with the police.


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